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The Increasing Importance of ESG in Communications Strategy


At the start of 2022, the With Global Alliance gathered insights from agency leaders around the world all of whom specialise in tech. One of the strongest trends to emerge was the rise of the Conscious Business. A key consequence of this is that communications will increasingly focus on ESG topics, from ethnic diversity to gender equality and environmental sustainability.

This trend is particularly relevant to tech companies thanks in no small part to historical gender imbalances, the hotter than ever war on talent (on the back of the great resignation) and the impact of increased data usage on the environment.

Our podcast, titled ‘The Increasing Importance of ESG in Communications Strategy’, explores this fascinating theme from multiple perspectives. It discusses, among other things, the cultural drivers that have led to the rise of ESG, how PR professionals can help tech companies deliver an effective ESG-focused communications strategy and the opportunities that this renewed attention to ESG opens up for businesses.

The podcast features the following members of the With Global Alliance:

  • Sandra Fathi, Chief Strategy Officer at Gregory FCA
  • Valentina Humar, MD of GJ Comunicaciones
  • Andrea Buzzi, Founder and CEO of Frau Wenk
  • Minal D’Rozario, co-founder of Ideosphere
  • Debbie Zaman (moderator), Founder and CEO of With and Global President of the With Global Alliance.