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About With Global Alliance
The With Global Alliance is an agile and effective network of agencies specialising in tech PR and marketing, offering fast-growth businesses international support.
The With Global Alliance is a tailor-made partnership of top PR firms around the globe who are all experts in B2B tech PR. No ordinary group of B2B PR agencies With Global Alliance PR consultants are carefully hand-picked based on their expertise in B2B technology, their exceptional results and client relationships in their markets as well as their inspirational senior teams. Each partner has the same level of world-class media contacts and content creators, an integrated approach to marketing and PR services, and a like-minded approach to measuring success
The With Global Alliance redefines how global PR works for tech businesses. We support ambitious growth strategies for some of the most advanced technology companies in the world. The With Global Alliance currently spans 5 continents and 26 markets but we are constantly recruiting partners across markets, making sure we are exactly where our clients need us to be. As our clients’ business expand, we believe building awareness and consideration of their brand internationally should be anchored in truly global, yet locally relevant, forward-facing strategic marketing and communications plans. We achieve success for our clients in AI, cyber security, adtech, fintech and deep tech amongst other sectors through a beautifully simple and scaleable framework: global strategic planning, cross-market coordination and local execution.
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Why With Global Alliance
We offer tech clients – be it adtech companies, fintech businesses, AI companies, Cloud services or Cyber security solutions to name a few,an agile international solution that is immediately scalable but also adaptable to changing global needs. The tech specialism and unified approach to client partnership means there is a level of trust for clients that doesn’t come with a standard network. Global accounts are run by one lead agency, keeping client reporting streamlined and delivery efficient. We measure how impactful our work is on a global scale.